Top 12 painting tips

Prepare the walls and protect surfaces to minimise mess and get a perfect finish.

Top 12 painting tips

Nothing offers as much value for money as paint when it comes to transforming your home, and it is an easy job to DIY.

Painting is time-consuming, so it can be tempting to take shortcuts, but cutting corners will cost you in the long run with a poor result.

Preparation is the key to a good paint job, so make sure the walls are clean, flaky paint is removed and trim is sanded before you even get out the paintbrushes and rollers.

Here’s how to get a professional finish and make painting a room a much easier task.

1. Clean walls with sugar soap
1. Clean walls with sugar soap
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Old paintwork can be dirty, and new paint won’t adhere well to greasy or grimy surfaces.

The best way to clean walls ready for painting is to use sugar soap.

Brush walls to remove surface dirt.

Dissolve half a cup of sugar soap in 5L of water and apply with a sponge or cloth, then rinse off using a clean damp sponge.

TIP: Work upwards, as the top of the wall is always the dirtiest.

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