Pet-Proof The Screen Door

Use this simple trick to protect flyscreen from damage inflicted by pets 

Pet-Proof The Screen Door

Pets will find a way to scratch, chew or push their way past a weakened screen

Dogs and cats like coming in and out of the house and if you don’t have a pet flap, they’ll just find a way to push through door and window screens to get in. 

This makes the screening inefficient as it creates gaps for insects to enter. 

To deter this behaviour in your pet and stop your screens being ruined, replace the flyscreen and strengthen the panel by stapling wire mesh over the top.

Once the beading is reinstalled, the flyscreen and wire mesh combination should have enough strength to keep animals from pushing through. 

staple wire mesh over a screen door, handyman  magazine,
Strengthen flyscreen by stapling wire mesh over the top  

Defuzz mesh screens 

Using a vacuum cleaner or pressure washer to remove dust, cobwebs and fluff from a screen isn’t always effective. 

A shortcut is to use a lint roller. Swipe across the screen surface and the fluff comes right off. Go over the screen on both sides. For hard-to reach spots, tape the lint roller to a pole. 

defuzz mesh screens, handyman magazine,
Use a lint roller to defuzz mesh screens

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Pet-Proof The Screen Door

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