How To Turn Your Backyard Into An Outdoor Room

How To Turn Your Backyard Into An Outdoor Room

This is a guest blog by Justine Stedman, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors

Create additional space in your home without a full-scale renovation simply by  turning your backyard into an outdoor room. In this blog, styling expert Justine Stedman shares her expert tips on how to turn your backyard into an outdoor room. 

Justine's first tip is to view outdoor areas with the same set of decorating principals you would use in internal spaces. 

The rest of Justine's tips are as follows. 

1. Use glass to create an alfresco space 

Glass doors are a great way to extend indoors and out. They create flow between the internal and external rooms and are visually very dramatic. 

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2. Opt for adaptable furnishings 

Stacking chairs and a collapsible table are great options as they can be easily removed and allow flexibility depending on how many people need to circulate through the outdoor room. 

3. Create a feature wall 

Greenwalls are really popular at the moment and are a great way to make the most of small spaces. Alternatively an exposed brick wall can also make a statement, it really depends on the style you are hoping to achieve. 

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Greenwalls are a fantastic way to liven up an outdoor room 

4. Add pops of colour 

Brightly coloured and patterned cushions, throws and table decorations are a great way to add colour pop and can be easily updated as colour trends come and go. 

5. Make a small space appear larger 

Invest in wall-hung mirrors, these are a great way to make a space feel bigger than it actually is and are also great wall art especially if you go for textured or coloured frame. 

With a bit of creativity and careful thinking about getting the most function into your outdoor area, it can be transformed into another functional living space perfect for entertaining all year round.

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