How to improve pool safety

Install a pool fence gate latch that’s nearly impossible for young children to open

How to improve pool safety

With innovative safety features, the G8Safe TriLatch prevents children from gaining access to the pool area.

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The backyard pool is an iconic part of Australian culture, with many summer barbecues, pool parties and relaxing afternoons centred around this Aussie institution.
Owning a pool comes with a great deal of responsibility, as there are a lot of safety issues to consider when installing a new pool or making sure an existing pool is safe.
Tragically, over 60% of drowning deaths of young children Australia occur in backyard pools, so if you own a pool, it’s your responsibility to keep it enclosed and secure to prevent young children from gaining access.
Pool fence laws and regulations vary from state to state, but all pool fence gate latches are required to conform to Australian Standards. Despite these regulations, children often manage to open gates using chairs, garden tools or toys.
The innovative G8Safe TriLatch goes above and beyond minimum safety standards and has been designed to make it nearly impossible for children under 4 years old to open a pool gate, minimising the risk of drowning.
The unique opening process requires the user to push and hold down the safety button, then lift the pull knob to release the magnet that unlocks the gate.
While this process allows for smooth operation by adults, it requires dexterity levels not normally found in children under 4 years old. Even with a chair or tool to help, small children are unable to gain access.
In addition to these unique safety features, the TriLatch also has a hooked striker that secures the latch every time it is closed and prevents the gate from bouncing back when it is slammed shut, as well as a key locking mechanism.
It’s also simple to install and fits all pool compliant fencing, with built-in alignment pips and detailed instructions allowing for quick installation, even by novice DIYers.
By adding features that surpass minimum safety standards, the TriLatch has cemented itself as the safest pool gate latch on the market, and has won the 2015 Australian Business Award for Product Innovation.

The G8Safe TriLatch has a RRP of $79 and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
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How to improve pool safety

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