How To Build A Dog House

A new house is an expensive dream for most of us, but the same does not have to be true for our four-legged friends.

How To Build A Dog House

Use recycled fence palings and roofing, plus inexpensive 42 x 19mm pine and plywood, to build a luxury dog house in a weekend. Source the secondhand materials from council cleanups or at the tip for a small fee.

Recycled palings will be weathered and slightly distorted, so measure and cut as you build to correct for the small variations in board size.

TIP We have included three cutting lists so you can scale the design to suit a small, medium or large dog.

1. Cutting the birdsmouth notches
1. Cutting the birdsmouth notches

A birdsmouth cut is a chippie’s term for a triangular notch. Here it provides a small flat section for the sloping rafter to sit on the roof base frame.

To mark the notches, position one rafter against the ridge and mark a plumb cut line on the rafter, flush with the outer edge of the roof frame side.

Measure 5mm up the plumb line and square a level line back to the base edge of the rafter to mark a small right-angled triangle.

Transfer the notch position to the rest of the rafters then use a tenon saw to cut them out. Clean up the edges using a chisel if required.

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