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ModularWalls Voguewall collection

A front fence defines the boundary of a yard, creating privacy and security.
Rendered brick fences are a popular style for a variety of homes, but they are often costly and labour-intensive to construct, especially with material costs rising due to the housing and construction boom.
If you are looking for a more cost-effective alternative to bricks, consider modular fencing. This innovative building technique is less expensive than bricks, easier to install and requires less labour.
ModularWalls have been creating composite fencing products for over 15 years, helping homeowners reduce the cost of boundary fencing by up to 50%.
ModularWalls fences replicate the look of a rendered brick wall, but due to the innovative construction methods, they are much faster to install and require less maintenance, reducing their overall cost.

ModularWalls Voguewall collection

While a rendered brick wall requires a concrete footing to be constructed to support the brickwork, as well as time consuming rendering, modular walls come ready for installation. Rendered brick walls also can crack easily if there is any ground movement or soil settlement beneath the footings.
ModularWalls are east to install, it’s simply a matter of installing posts and attaching panels. Easy DIY installation means a wall can be built in as little as one day, slashing the costs of hiring tradies to carry out backbreaking work.
Modular walls can be painted to match the existing style of your home, and customised with slats, gates, letterboxes and lighting.
ModularWalls Voguewall collection

The streamlined rendered look is ideal for modern homes, but the versatile style works well as a boundary fence option for a range of home styles.
Modular walls also offer superior noise reduction, making them an ideal way to block out the noise of busy roads or noisy neighbours.
Plus, as they won’t rot, rust or discolour, installing a modular wall will save you time and money further down the track.
With a wide range of wall and fencing styles to choose from, including the sleek SlimWall Collection, the contemporary VogueWall Collection or the grand EstateWall Collection, there is an option for any yard.

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Affordable fencing solutions

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ModularWalls Voguewall collection
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