5 Top Composting Tips And Tricks

Composting is easy if you know what you are doing. Follow these 5 top tips and tricks to get the most out of your heap. 

5 Composting Tips And Tricks

These tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your compost. Image: Thinkstock 

1. Break it up 

When it comes to the compost heap, the general rule is that the bigger it is, the longer it takes to decompose. For fast compost, break up the materials. 

2. Build a pallet bin 

Make a bin from timber pallets. They’re available to buy new or recycled, so search online for suppliers. The spaces between the boards allow air to circulate through the material in the bin.

3. Bury your scraps

Collect plant-based kitchen scraps in a plastic canister. When it’s full, take it outside, dig a hole and bury the scraps. In a few weeks, it turns to black gold. TIP Pick a different burial spot each time. 

4. Bag up leaves

Rake crumbled leaves and pack them into plastic bags that you’ve poked holes through. Dampen the leaves and tie the tops of the bags, then wait at least six months for them to break down.

5. Ditch the smell 

To stop compost getting too whiffy, just add leaves or other non-wet materials such as newspaper to the pile, then mix. They’ll help dry out the pile and eliminate the smell.

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5 Composting Tips And Tricks

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