4 DIY Projects Using Turf

4 DIY Projects Using Turf

Long gone are the days when fake grass was that plastic stuff in the window at the butcher’s, or that lurid green stuff used for tennis courts and playgrounds.

Now artificial turf is a lifestyle choice rather than a cheap alternative to lawn, and it’s also a decorating material that’s used indoors and out.  

It’s popular outdoors because modern products look like the real thing and feel good underfoot but without the maintenance needs.

Made from synthetic fibres, fake grass comes in different tones and piles, ranging from 9-35mm. It comes in tiles or in large pieces and either type can be used for these projects, with prices from $30 to $90.

In this blog we list 4 DIY projects that use turf as a decorative feature. 

1. DIY Grass Stools 

DIY Grass stools, handyman magazine, DIY,
Use it to cover timber stools that can double as ottomans like these grass cubes


2. DIY Turf Pavers 

DIY TURF PAVERS, Handyman magazine,
We covered pavers with synthetic turf to make stepping stones with a twist

3. DIY Turf House Numbers 

house numbers with turf, handyman magazine,
 Make eye-catching new house numbers using artificial turf

4. DIY Turf Cutout Mats 

DIY Turf cutout mat, handyman magazine,

To make this outdoor mat of interconnected cutout shapes all you need is a large piece of synthetic turf
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