20 Fun And Easy Outdoor And Garden Projects

20 Fun And Easy Outdoor And Garden Projects

Spruce up your outdoor areas with these fun and easy DIY projects. Each of these 20 projects can be completed in less than a day and require only a small investment. 

You'll be suprised at what a big difference small changes like painting a timber foldout table or creating a shelf display for flowerpots, can make to the look and feel of your yard. 

1. How To Spray Paint Plastic Chairs 

White plastic chairs are a backyard staple, as they’re budget-friendly and stackable. To transform plain chairs into party-ready seating, all you need is a couple of cans of spray paint.

how to spray paint plastic chairs, handyman magazine,
Use spray paint to transform plain chairs into party-ready seating 

2. How To Turn Old Tyres Into A Table 

Upcycle a couple of old tyres by turning them into a glass-topped coffee table.Choose tyres about 650mm in diameter and paint them white to contrast against grass or timber decking. 

turn old tyres into a glass topped coffee table, handyman magazine
Paint old tyres white and turn them into a trendy outdoor table 

3. How To Paint A Timber Foldout Table   

A small folding table can be painted to make it suitable for use outdoors. Give it a garden theme with a floral top, using a stencil and spray paint in bright blue and white.

paint a timber foldout table, handyman magazine,
When not in use this table can simply be folded up and tucked away 

4. How To Turn Old Tyres Into A Table 

Give old car tyres a new lease of life as a coffee table. Choose tyres about 650mm in diameter and paint them white to contrast against grass or timber decking. 
turn old tyres into an outdoor table, handyman magazine,
Upcycle a couple of old tyres by turning them into a glass-topped coffee table 

5. Turn Flowerpots Into Tables 

Garden furniture has to be tough and durable, as it is exposed to the elements all year round, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.  Plastic flowerpots or fibreglass planters can be painted and used to create colourful outdoor side tables.  

turn flowerpots into outdoor tables, handyman magazine,
Create colourful and durable outdoor tables using flowerpots 

6. DIY Woven Seat 

A chair with an aluminium frame and plastic armrests is easy to make over. Remove the existing canvas or webbing from the frame and give it a bright new look using spray paint. 

DIY woven seat, handyman magazine,
Revamp an old beach or camping chair that’s gone past its use-by date into a comfortable and colourful seat for relaxing

7. Turn A Wicker Clothes Hamper Into A Storage Basket 

Turn a wicker clothes hamper, about $20 from bargain shops, into a storage basket for outdoor cushions. Paint the basket, then make a bag liner from laminated cotton. Add castors to the base and an MDF top so it can double as a drinks trolley.

turn a wicker clothes hamper into an outdoor storage basket, handyman magazine,
Wicker clothes hampers make for great outdoor storage baskets 

8. Make Citrus Stools 

Revamp metal outdoor stools by adding a fun, citrus-inspired design. 

citrus wedding, handyman magazine,
Revamp metal stools using metal primer, paper and exterior paint

9. DIY Grass Stools 

Use turf to cover timber stools that can double as ottomans like these grass cubes. The turf is designed for all weather, so use galvanised or stainless steel hardware to keep the seats outside permanently. 

turf covered ottomans, handyman magazine,
Cover timber stools with turf to create these awesome grass stools 

10. How To Paint Pavers 

Add a little fun to paved surfaces by adding squares of bright colour. 

painted pavers, handyman magazine,
Give plain concrete pavers a colour boost with paving paint

11. How To Make A Painted Cushion Cover 

Adding a big, comfy cushion is a fast way soften up a timber garden bench. To make a simple cushion, all you need is a length of calico, a fibrefill insert and basic sewing skills. 

how to make a painted cushion cover, handyman magazine,
Paint your own outdoor cushion covers for a unique outdoor decoration 

12. DIY Hanging Garden 

Hanging baskets green up a pergola or patio fast, but for a lush effect in front of a wall or fence, planters work better. Lengths of PVC guttering make great lightweight hanging planters and can be cut down to any size to suit the available space. 

PVC pipe hanging garden, handyman magazine,
Use PVC pipe to create a lush hanging garden 

 13. How To Paint A Sisal Rug 

A plain sisal rug can be painted to make a colourful striped ground covering. One of the toughest natural fibres, sisal is ideal for outdoor living. 

how to paint a sisal rug , handyman magazine
Liven up a decking area with a painted sisal rug 

14. DIY Rhubarb Pavers  

Create leaf-shaped garden pavers in just a day and use them to lay a stepping stone path in the lawn. To make the pavers, take a simple concrete cast from rhubarb leaves. Rhubarb leaves are a good choice for pavers because of their size. 

rhubarb pavers, handyman magazine,
Create stepping stones for the garden by making a concrete cast out of rhubarb leaves 

15. How To Make A Flowerpot Shelf

A great way to bring living colour to a small outdoor area without taking up floorspace is to add a floating shelf with cutouts for pots. Made from primed LOSP pine, this shelf is built using 220 x 220mm timber verandah brackets, about $12 each, from hardware stores.

shelf for flowerpots, handyman magazine,
Create a shelf for your flowerpots as a way to add extra plants to the garden without taking up floorspace 

16. Make Potted Gumboots 

Turn an old pair of gumboots into fun containers for growing herbs or plants on the kitchen doorstep, a small balcony or in the garden. 

make potted gumboots, handyman magazine,
Put your old gumboots to good use in the garden as novelty red planters 

 17. Glow-In-The-Dark Path 

Add a fun touch to garden pathways while making them visible at night with glow-in-the-dark paint. To make a path glow, apply a base coat of the clear sealer, then sprinkle the supplied flakes over the surface, finishing with another clear top coat. 

glow in the dark path, handyman magazine,
Use glow-in-the-dark paint to make garden paths visible at night 

18. Trampoline Spring Protectors 

When kids are jumping and playing on the trampoline, it’s easy for them to be pinched by the metal springs that surround the mat. To protect the kids and decorate the trampoline, cover the springs with foam. Simply trim pool noodles to size, then cut along the length with a utility knife, and wrap around the springs.

trampoline spring protectors, handyman magazine, Cover trampoline springs with coloured foam for decorative protection 

19. Decorative Plant Frame 

Create a simple decorative outdoor feature with an old tin, a leafy herb and a distressed picture frame. Take an old timber frame and add decorative trim as a hanger for a potted plant. Use any tin you have or look for a vintage one in op shops.

decorative plant frame, handyman magazine,
Reuse an old timber picture frame by using it in the garden 

20. How To Waterproof Outdoor Cushions 

Cushions are a must-have for outdoor living, but remembering to bring them indoors whenever it rains can be a chore. To make cushions waterproof, remove the insert and slip it into a resealable plastic bag, then replace it in the cover.

easy waterproof cushions, handyman magazine,
Protect cushions from the elements with easy-to-make plastic covers 

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